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  • Family Activities at Poble Espanyol

    Family Activities at Poble Espanyol

    A large area, totally free of traffic, with different places to explore, most of them in the open air. That’s the Poble Espanyol de Barcelona, an iconic visitor attraction in the heart of Montjuïc. Every Sunday, there’s a different activity: theatre, dance, music, magic, treasure hunts, etc. Throughout the year there are loads of activities to ensure you have a great day out with the family: Carnival, a Giants’ Parade, a Puppet Festival, the Click and Go Fair, the Main Festival, the Medieval Fair, Christmas at the Poble, Halloween... and new additions, including a fantastic flower festival and Midsummer Eve party tailored to all the family. In short, a wide range of activities for all the family.

  • Fira de la Mediterrània

    Fira de la Mediterrània

    Located in the heart of Catalonia, the historical town of Manresa hosts this yearly festival dedicated to local culture and global music. For industry professionals, it's promoted as a 'market of performances', which for the general public means it's a great opportunity to discover visual arts, circus, dance, art, music, narration and theatre that combine tradition with contemporary creativity.

    The programme is understandably packed, with acts running during the day and at night, and with both street performances and shows in various local venues. So you might one moment see a display of hip hop and the next a concert by a Congolese band, followed by a new take on acrobatics and then a sword dance. All of which is interspersed with some of the most classic elements of Catalan culture such as 'human towers' (castells), 'fire runs' (correfocs) and 'giants' (gegants).

  • Hipopótamos


    Hipopótamos is a piece of theater that seeks to entertain us while making us think about some of the political and social events currently on everybody's lips.
    The play revolves around a police interrogation in which a raving detainee tells us about his participation in the Catalan rebellion in a hypothetical independence of Catalonia.

  • "In memoriam". La quinta del biberón

    After its success in the Butaca 2017 Awards at the Espacio Sonoro, the work "In memoriam". La quinta del biberón returns to the Teatre Lliure Montjuïc. Directed by Lluís Pasqual and with members of the Kompanyia Lliure on stage, this show pays tribute to the young generation of the Ebro battle, the last major battle of the Spanish Civil War. Many of them fought for freedom, but very few survived. This version is in Catalan with subtitles in Spanish and English, from 9/6.

  • Be god is

    Be god is

    It is theater, but it is also clown, music and above all, a lot of comedy. "Be God is" is a show by the Espai Dual company, (formed by Blai Juanet, Oriol Pla and Marc Sartre). It is now at the Teatre Lliure de Gràcia to show why it won the Best Show Award at theXX Muestra de Teatro of Barcelona - Teatro del Raval 2015.

  • Impertinent Letters

    Impertinent Letters

    The Teatre Lliure continues to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Maria Aurèlia Capmany, this time with the actress Rosa Maria Sardà reading her "impertinent" letters. Novelist, playwright and essayist, Maria Aurèlia Capmany also stood out as a cultural activist, anti-francoist and feminist. A bona fide tribute to one of the Catalan feminist pioneers.

  • Falsestuff


    This multilingual show is a new proposal from Nao Albet and Marcel Borràs, two scenic creators, who have been revolutionizing the stage for some time. Falsestuff tells the obsession of an art counterfeiter to capture the essence of works he forges to perfection, and a policeman who has to distinguish between false and authentic leads to trap him. Apart from the two dramatists, the cast includes musicians, dancers and performing artists of different nationalities.

  • John & Jen

    John & Jen

    John and Jen is a small format musical, as the cast is formed by only two people. Set in the fifties and sixties in the United States, the work explores the connections, commitments and wounds of the heart. A small gem full of intelligence, ingenuity and beautiful piano, cello and percussion melodies. The show is performed in Catalan.

  • Nine to Five

    Nine to Five

    Based on a 1980 movie, this musical opened in 2008, with script by Patrick Resnick and libretto by Dolly Parton. It tells the misfortunes of three secretaries, whose boss is a chauvinist, pretentious tyrant. This comedy musical takes everyday stories to the extreme and reflects the era of the eighties, when social changes still needed a slight push for them to become reality.

  • Modernist evenings at Casa Amatller

    Modernist evenings at Casa Amatller

    Visit the Casa Amatller from June and September, in a very different way.
    Modernist evenings give you the opportunity to enjoy a dramatized visit, to learn about this gem of Puig i Cadafalch, by those who actually lived in the house. You will be able to see the rooms and hear about their everyday life, the chocolate factory, their travels all around the world, their friends, etc.
    A visit to learn about the curiosities and the best kept secrets, which will end with a glass of cava under the skylight of the hall.

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