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  • Children's activities at Poble Espanyol

    Children's activities at Poble Espanyol

    A large area, totally free of traffic, with different places to explore, most of them in the open air. That’s the Poble Espanyol de Barcelona, an iconic visitor attraction in the heart of Montjuïc. Every Sunday, there’s a different activity: theatre, dance, music, magic, treasure hunts, etc. Throughout the year there are loads of activities to ensure you have a great day out with the family: Carnival, a Giants’ Parade, a Puppet Festival, the Click and Go Fair, the Main Festival, the Medieval Fair, Christmas at the Poble, Halloween... and new additions, including a fantastic flower festival and Midsummer Eve party tailored to all the family. In short, a wide range of activities for all the family.

  • Singing Talent Show

    Singing Talent Show

    All the heroes from stories (princes, princesses, wicked characters and figures from tales and cartoons) are participating in a talent contest, singing their songs to win a prize: to take part in a new major production of cartoons.

    In this family show, the audience will not only encounter the most well-known movie characters and songs, but they will also meet these characters in a very special way. Do you know how things went for them after their stores, and if it's true what they say, "that they lived happily ever after?"

    All these endearing characters from stories and movies will be found in a slightly different way from usual, which will sure to be very curious and fun.

    A new way of reliving children's musical classics, with a fun, upgraded staging.

    Who will win?

  • Cabaret


    The musical Cabaret is at the Teatre Victoria, in the most spectacular and ambitious production ever seen since it was created. The outstanding staging takes the essence from the original Broadway show of the nineties.

    Discover why Cabaret has become one of the main classics of musical theater of all times, and has been staged in over 50 countries, translated into 30 languages and has captivated over 30,000,000 million spectators.

    Wilkkomen to the Kit Kat Klub!

  • Dirty Dancing

    Dirty Dancing

    Dirty Dancing, the film that became a worldwide box office smash in 1987 comes to Barcelona. With its exceptional soundtrack, the film reinvented the dance genre with a new style that the public took to their hearts on seeing it for the first time.

    It is a piece full of passion and romance, with music that sets the heart racing and spectacularly sensual dance routines. This musical, that has broken records all over the world, succeeds in bringing back on stage all the nostalgia for the 80s along with all of the emotions raised by Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze on the big screen.

    After two complete sell-out seasons in London's West End and two successful tours of the whole of the UK, the classic story is being performed in Spain with fantastic and memorable songs such as "Hungry Eyes", "Hey! Baby", "Do you Love Me?" and the all-time classic "(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life".

    The stage has three revolving turntables to move between the sets that transport us to the different locations where the story unfolds. We go to the Kellerman's resort hotel where Baby and her parents are staying for what seemingly appears to be a boring holiday: the reception area, the dining room, the staff quarters, the garden, the guest bedrooms and the basement where the staff engage in "dirty dancing".

  • The Hole Zero

    The Hole Zero

    The Hole Zero, the new performance of "The Hole" saga, has been brought to Barcelona by the LETSGO production company, to reveal their origin

    The show combines circus, cabaret, music and comedy in a very different way from previous performances. It leaves European and Spanish variety to one side and is inspired by the "disco" parties of the end of the seventies start of the eighties, along with a New Year's Eve party, the only celebration it shares worldwide and through all social levels.

    A party in which everyone participates. In this show the purest style of "The Hole" is lived, with an unbeatable level of its numbers and the quality of artists. Music also becomes an essential element, with a touch of mischief and sexiness, an important wow factor and guaranteed enjoyment.

    And, of course, with a background that is the central thread throughout the show, and which explains the origin of "The Hole". It is time to reveal how this hole we are entering opened in 2011.

  • Happy Boom

    Happy Boom

    Lucas and Robert live surrounded by boxes of a toy factory. Lucas loves to jump and dance and Robert is passionate about music. They are very mischievous, inquisitive and lively and can't wait to find out the surprises that await them inside each box. They will become embroiled in a magical, unexpected adventure.

    They will find a piano that can make amusing sounds and with this Robert will play some delightful melodies. This piano will be a great help to them on their adventure, as a beautiful but fragile "Puppet" appears, who is sad because she cannot dance.

    Lucas with his dance and Robert with his music make one attempt after another to make the "Puppet" dance and laugh again. They will try everything they can with what they find on their path, but castanets and shoes were the key to success!!!

  • The dog in the manger

    The dog in the manger

    This famous comedy by Lope de Vega is performing at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, with energetic and brilliant staging. Helena Pimienta directs this play about desire and freedom, which tells of the ups and downs of the love life of countess Diana and her secretary, Teodoro. In this play, Lope de Vega portrays love as a great universal balance, which can breakdown social barriers that are apparently more solid.

  • Tick, tick,…boom!

    Tick, tick,…boom!

    This musical is set in New York in the nineties and tells of the dilemma between following the preset path or fighting for ones dreams. Its creator, Jonathan Larson based the work on his own autobiography: A young aspiring composer who has to choose between his dream or giving it all up for money.

  • Only for 3 days

    Only for 3 days

    Edgar is a writer without any ambitions or inspirations, passive and reluctant to create or even move. One day, death appears and gives him a plan: he has only three days to do what he has never done in his life: live. In this limited time, Edgar has to learn to make use of his time, make decisions and leave a mark. A profound musical in Catalan with dramaturgy by Marcel Clement, who also plays Edgar, and Victòria Boixadera as director.

  • The Magic of Christmas at La Pedrera

    The Magic of Christmas at La Pedrera

    Christmas is here! La Pedrera invites all the family to enjoy a range of Christmas activities: shows, workshops, games and magic numbers will delight young and old alike.
    ARTABAN, brings us the show, The legend of the Fourth King; the magician Fèlix Brunet shows us his magic numbers; workshops of Christmas decorations, magic, the King's lanterns and others; and entertainment by Mr. Arlet, a comedian, juggler, manipulator of objects, tightrope walker and accordionist by profession.

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