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  • Flamenco at Sala Tarantos

    Flamenco at Sala Tarantos

    Tarantos has been hosting the best flamenco in Barcelona since 1963. Through all these years and into the present day, the 'tablao' has featured the top names in flamenco.

    Barcelona welcomed hundreds of thousands of immigrants from southern Spain in the Sixties, becoming the epicenter of an evolution from the Andalusian genre thanks to the superlative quality of the performances and a certain leaning towards heterodoxy, which led to the emergence of phenomena such as the Catalan rumba and the proliferation of the 'new flamenco'.

    Over the last few years, the Mas i Mas Group has opted to distill conventional flamenco shows into a concentrated celebration of flamenco guitar, song and dance. Our current emphasis is on a series of performances by some of the country's very best emergent flamenco troupes.

  • Flamenco at el Tablao de Carmen

    Flamenco at el Tablao de Carmen

    Ideal for an evening out with your family, partner or friends, the Tablao de Carmen is performing a pure, authentic flamenco show every evening, with a line-up of eight artists: four "bailaor" flamenco dancers", two guitarists and two "cantaor" flamenco singers.

    An iconic place of Barcelona, located in the Andalucian quarter of the Poble Espanyol in Montjuïc. Since it was opened in 1988, it is considered the mecca of Flamenco in Barcelona. It was created in tribute to the legendary "bailaora", Carmen Amaya, who was a close friend of the family who owned it.

    An intimate space, decorated in the style of an Andalucian corral, so you can mingle with artists and enjoy a drink around a table, with some tapas or a traditional supper during the show.

  • Flamenco at Palau Dalmases

    Flamenco at Palau Dalmases

    In the incomparable setting of a baroque palace you will enjoy a flamenco show like you've never imagined: an hour of extreme intensity where cante flamenco and flamenco dance are combined with cajón and flamenco guitar.

    "Duende", magic, passion, art… So many words to describe a feeling, a way of life, a way of feeling. In Tablao Dalmases you will find authentic flamenco, artist with an incredible background that will make you feel flamenco in Barcelona like you’ve never experienced before.

  • La Bodega Flamenca

    La Bodega Flamenca

    In the heart of Barcelona you can discover a place that provides a fusion of culture, art and gastronomy. Enjoy a flamenco show and traditional Andalusian cuisine in a unique venue conceived as a meeting point for flamenco lovers and artists.

    La Bodega Flamenca offers Barcelona's most authentic show. Their flamenco troupe gives two daily performances featuring a selection of the best contemporary flamenco dancers, singers and musicians. The daily show is inspired by the work of Camarón de la Isla. It is directed by Israel Suárez (known as "El Piraña"), a percussionist with Paco de Lucía and José Tobalo for over 15 years who has shared the stage with all the flamenco greats.

    As well as the flamenco show you can also enjoy concerts and themed evenings. The concerts provide the purest version of the latest trends in modern flamenco. On the theme nights you can dance to rumba music, sevillanas and other flamenco rhythms and enjoy tasty tapas.

    If you are really keen on flamenco, don't miss out on this opportunity to embrace its spirit like never before. A unique experience in a welcoming setting.

  • Palacio del Flamenco

    Palacio del Flamenco

    The Palacio del Flamenco is an old theater located in central Barcelona with a long-standing social and artistic tradition. Its large capacity ensures that it is possible to eat dinner and watch the show in comfort.

    In addition to the three daily shows, 'Flamenco y Olé', 'El Gitano Bajanó' and 'Pasión Flamenca', there is a wide menu choice covering everything from tapas to vegetarian cuisine.

    The audience can gain a deep appreciation of this art and enjoy an evening of the most beautiful flamenco in an unforgettable setting.

  • Flamenco at Tablao Nervión

    Flamenco at Tablao Nervión

    Enjoy a typical Spanish dinner while you enjoy a flamenco show. Or enjoy the show while you have a drink at this restaurant in the heart of Barcelona's old town. Whatever you choose, an intense flamenco experience is guaranteed!

    The restaurant Nervión is situated in the Born district, close to the Museu Picasso. As soon as you cross the threshold you'll find yourself inside an authentic, cosy Andalusian flamenco club or tablao. The best place to feel the magic and raw emotions of flamenco, an art that has been included on the UNESCO Intangible World Heritage List.

    For just over an hour, you'll be able to enjoy flamenco singers and dancers accompanied by four or five masters of the Spanish guitar. At the Nervión there is a special relationship between the performers and the public, creating an atmosphere which you can feel as well as see. You'll experience and become part of a genuine flamenco festival!.

  • Ainhoa Arteta & Estrella Morente

    Ainhoa Arteta & Estrella Morente

    This concert is truly different, special and unique. The Palau de la Música welcomes two of the musical world's best female voices: Ainhoa Arteta and Estrella Morente. You can enjoy a concert of the most important traditional Spanish Christmas carols, performed in meticulously prepared and innovative versions.
    "Que suenen con alegria!" (May they sound joyful!) This is the title of this musical presentation that goes far beyond a simple concert, imbued as it is with a sense of drama and staging that energizes the show and employs the full range of modern visual effects.
    The Mil·lenni Festival brings together the two current 'grandes dames' of the worlds of Spanish opera and flamenco respectively.

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