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  • Family activities at Zoo de Barcelona

    Family activities at Zoo de Barcelona

    At weekends, public holidays and during school vacations, the Barcelona Zoo arranges activities included in the entrance fee. Choose what you like best from among our activities held every week.

    Open activities
    The Zoo monitors prepare activities for young and old, to learn how to be farmers, choose and care for pets and learn about many animals of the Zoo, and their position in nature, all with games, workshops and crafts. There is no need to book! See times in zoobarcelona.cat or at the ticket office off the Zoo (limited places).
    Storytelling. Entertainers of the Zoo, full of fun and jest, wait for children visiting the Zoo to tell them stories about animals. No need to book.
    At 3 pm at the Plaça de la Dama del Paraigües.
    At 5 pm in front of the lions.

    Adventure Saturdays
    (for children aged 4 to 11)
    Through games, visits to animals and their facilities, children discover how animals use their heads, paws, fingers and tails to find food, move and live in different habitats.
    Times: from 10 am to 1 pm.
    Activities calendar: 18/11 - Birds; 2/12 - ¨Dragons and Crocodiles; 16/12 - Primates 2.

    Sundays: the secrets of the Zoo
    (for young and old)
    Share experiences with children. Discover the Zoo as you have never seen it before. For all the family to enjoy learning! (limited places).
    Times: From 10 am to 12.30 pm.
    Activities calendar: 12/11 - Everything you want to know about aquatic mammals; 10/12 - The Zoo from the inside.

  • Contemporary Route

    Contemporary Route

    Barcelona is known throughout the world for its architecture. This is why the city didn't want to fall behind in the race to have some of the world's finest contemporary buildings. The names of today's great architects and artists are present in almost every city neighbourhood.

  • Gaudí Route

    Gaudí Route

    Gaudí is a name associated with Barcelona who needs to be discovered while you admire his finest landmarks: a treasure trove of forms, ideas, symbols and fantasy which is hard to surpass. The Gaudí landmarks in Barcelona give a greater understanding of one of the most famous architects who ever worked in the city.

  • Miró Route

    Miró Route

    The Barcelona-born artist Joan Miró left the city a legacy and an imprint which can be glimpsed all over the city. Miró’s desire to investigate and explore new avenues of creativity splashes the colourful city of Barcelona with his characteristic colours and forms. He does so inside the Fundació Miró, but in the street as well.

  • With kids

    With kids

    Kids will also be enchanted by Barcelona. And there are plenty of reasons why. Did you know there's a magic mountain called Tibidabo? And that they'll have the chance to wander through a real Amazon rainforest? And experience the joys of classical music at the Liceu with special performances for kids. All this, together with entertainments, zoo, plays and parks which will delight girls and boys alike.

  • Parks of Barcelona route

    Parks of Barcelona route

    There are many different sides to Barcelona: the Barcelona with its traditional neighbourhoods, the Gothic, modernista and contemporary city… but there is also a green Barcelona, the Barcelona of parks and gardens. You’ll find them dotted around the city. These green spaces are always interesting, whether it be for their plants, urban design or sculptures.

  • Tibidabo and Collserola

    Tibidabo and Collserola

    The rivers Llobregat and Besós mark the geographical boundaries of the Collserola massif with Mount Tibidabo as its tallest point and the omnipresent symbol of the city. Tibidabo is also a metropolitan park with lush green areas, streams and viewing points overlooking the city, such as the amusement park, the church of the Sagrat Cor and the Collserola Tower.

  • Barcelona

    The 11 counties in Barcelona province offer you a whole host of possibilities so that you can enjoy leisure, culture and nature.

  • Tibidabo, the magic mountain

    Tibidabo, the magic mountain

    It isnt surprising that the Barcelona locals nicknamed Tibidabo "the magic mountain". Standing 515 metres high, it's the tallest point on the Collserola Ridge and its distinctive outline features on many postcards of the city.

  • Barcelona for virtual travellers

    Barcelona for virtual travellers

    When we travel, we want to connect with new destinations without having to disconnect from our familiar surroundings. Luckily for us, in the second decade of the 21st century, few of us leave home without our smartphone or tablet: travelling companions that mean we never feel truly alone. The problem is that we may not be able to find a network we can connect to… but this is something you won't have to worry about in Barcelona.

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