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El Poble Espanyol

The Poble Espanyol, or Spanish Village, is an open-air museum comprising full-scale replicas of 117 buildings from different parts of Spain. It was built on Montjuïc Mountain for the 1929 International Exhibition in Barcelona and the diversity of its squares, streets and houses give it the feel of a real village.

Since its inception, the Poble Espanyol has been considered one of Barcelona's unique attractions. Its layout – a real village with a diversity of streets and squares, free of traffic and surrounded by nature – has helped create a special microcosm where art, leisure and culture play a prominent role. First and foremost, the Poble Espanyol gives you the chance to see a diversity of houses, squares and landmark buildings from throughout Spain, from an Aragonese church to an Andalusian quarter, brought together on one site with an audioguide to help you find your way around. You'll also find over 40 arts and crafts workshops (jewellery, glass, masks, embroidery, puppets, leather goods, ceramics…), selling one-off, signature pieces. Because of its commitment to keeping traditional crafts alive, Barcelona's Poble Espanyol has been declared an Area of Craft Interest by the Catalan government. You'll also find original shops and wide variety of Mediterranean cuisine. The “Poble for Kids " programme organises activities such as performances and children's workshops and a treasure hunt, the "Joc del Sarró", a family activity which reveals the secrets of the Poble Espanyol in a fun and informative way.