• Museu Etnològic de Barcelona

Museu Etnològic

The recently refurbished Museu Etnològic has three floors that are open to the public which take a different approach to ethnology, heritage and our reflections on culture and society.

The permanent exhibition "Feel our Heritage" reflects on different yet universal aspects of human life. It invites us to do so by comparing our everyday surroundings with the past which can often seem exotic. It also shows solutions other cultures have found in natural and social landscapes that are as similar as they are different.

The relationship between the public and our heritage isn't limited to contemplation but also has a tactile aspect, allowing visitors to handle some of the objects in order to gain a deeper knowledge from the experience.

The Museu Etnològic also has a dedicated floor for temporary exhibitions. The space retains the original display cases and consists of two separate exhibition areas which can stage exhibitions of different lengths with different requirements.

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