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100 reasons to visit Barcelona

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  • Because you've got a virtual shop offering more than 200 activities and tours at the click of a mouse

    Visiting a new city is quite an adventure. Avoid the queues and save yourself money by planning ahead for your visit at our official VisitBarcelona Tickets. You'll find more than 200 activities and services, discounts and other great deals. The VisitBarcelona Tickets is the easiest and most convenient way to plan your trip based on how many people you're travelling with. You are your own travel agent!

  • You'll find design round every corner

    A street lamp, a café, a park bench, an illuminated poster …let yourself be captivated by a city where design is everywhere, even in the most unexpected places. The fact is, Barcelona is a city that loves, lives and breathes design: that's why the city's design museum, Disseny HUB Barcelona, pays tribute to this art form!

  • Because it is the city of diversity

    Barcelona is a modern, cosmopolitan and open city that is proud of its diversity. That's why LGTB visitors can get the most out of the city on its beaches, at its museums, cultural attractions, concerts… and can explore the Gayxample quarter which has all kinds of shops, bars, fashion boutiques and restaurants that cater to the LGTB community. There's no denying Barcelona is a gay-friendly city!

  • Because there are secrets you still haven't discovered…

    You haven't seen everything… because we have new gems waiting to be discovered. A museum that brings together Barcelona's design legacy under one roof; another that brings the world's cultural diversity to a wider audience. You can visit the “sweetest” modernista building; two viewing points that will give you a bird's eye view of the city; a Gaudí building inspired by poetry… The city's new iconic landmarks are ready for visitors.

  • Because the vines are part of our landscape

    Wine and cava are inextricably linked to the culture and gastronomy of Catalonia. With five Designations of Origin wine-growing areas, sampling the wines isn't enough… you have to experience them in situ. Wander among the vines and discover our history through an amazing process that will make you love wine culture even more.

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