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Arts Santa Mònica

The Centre Arts Santa Mònica is housed in the former convent of Santa Mònica (18th century). It stands close to the sea on an unbeatable site: La Rambla. Unlike other museums, the CASM doesn’t have its own private collection, but hosts over 20 exhibitions a year, most of them new productions, by artists from Spain and abroad.

The CASM has as its mission the study, interpretation, production and exhibition of contemporary art, with particular emphasis on Catalan art seen within an international context. The Centre d’Art Santa Mònica also hosts Arxiu_Dossiers: an innovative project bringing together dossiers about different generations of artists living and/or working in Catalonia, with the purpose of fostering research and bringing the Catalan art scene to a wider audience.

The CASM offers a varied menu of cultural events and educational activities geared to secondary-school pupils, specific art-related courses and groups of adults.

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