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    Loop Festival

    Main events 2017

    from 5-18-2017 to 5-27-2017

    "Exhibitions, concerts, talks and film screenings explore the potential and challenges of video art. I loved seeing professionals and new talents use the moving image in such an innovative and cutting-edge way."

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    Barcelona Districte Cultural

    Theatre and shows

    from 10-2017 to 12-2017

    A new tour of shows in Barcelona

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    50th Sitges International Film Festival

    Main events 2017

    from 10-5-2017 to 10-15-2017

    "An event that is a must for fans of gore, horror and fantasy film. I was one of the first in line. It was great to be able to enjoy film marathons, premieres and screenings of alternative movies. There's also a Zombie Parade through the streets of Sitges to kick off the festival."

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    Beefeater Festival In-Edit

    Main events 2017

    from 10-26-2017 to 11-5-2017

    "One of Barcelona's most popular film festivals which specialises in music documentaries. You'll be amazed to learn about the stories behind the music. The expertly curated screenings are well worth a look."