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Susan Meiselas. Mediations Exhibitions and activities
10/11/2017 - 01/14/2018

The name of Susan Meiselas forms part of the recent history of photojournalism. Her coverage of the Central America crisis in the seventies and eighties led her to become highly renowned in this style of journalism. However, her career is much more complex and intense.
Her most recent projects on domestic violence complete a retrospective vision, in which Meiselas emerges as a photographer capable of crossing timescales and conflict from a personal view to a geopolitical dimension.
This exhibition, co-produced with the Jeu de Paume, gathers the numerous projects of Susan Meiselas in the most complete retrospective dedicated to her in Europe. The publication that accompanies the exhibition, includes words by Ariella Azoulay, Eduardo Cadava, Thomas Keenan, Carles Guerra and Pia Viewing.

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