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Opera and flamenco – A love storyClassical music and Opera, Flamenco
07/2017 - 12/29/2017

In the cycle “Opera and Flamenco”, we will be able to enjoy the performance “Historia de un amor”, choreographed by the great Rafael Amargo. A couple of dancers unleash their flamenco passion to music by Verdi, Bizet, Falla or popular flamenco music, with the voices of flamenco singers Luis El Granaino and Eli Santiago, the soprano Noelia Mora and the  tenor Oscar Marín.  

Palau de la Música:
October: 8, 22 & 27
November: 5 & 24
December: 10

Teatre Poliorama:
October: 13 & 18
November: 1, 10, 15 & 19
December: 28

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