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One of Catalonia’s most famous traditions is that of the “castells” (castles), which are human towers that are lifted by building different levels of people until reaching insane heights that can go up to ten stories. There is no mechanical help, and tens and even hundreds of people can take part in it. The “castellers” are the people who carry out this activity, which is over 200 years old.
Acknowledged as Immaterial Cultural Heritage by Unesco, his origin is believed to be around the area of Tarragona, Catalonia’s second most important province after Barcelona. During the 20th Century this practice spread all over Catalonia. The “castellers” are grouped in “colles” that normally take the name of its place of origin.

Diada de Sant Medir: Plaça de la Virreina - 4th March, at 12noon.
V diada de Safareig de la Sagrada Família: Carrer de Santa Carolina - 11th March, at 12noon.
Festa Major de Sant Josep Oriol: Plaça del Pi - 17th March, at 5pm.
Diada d'inici de temporada dels Castellers de Barcelona: Plaça de Valentí Almirall - 18th March, at 12noon.
Diada de Santa Madrona al Poble Sec: Plaça de Santa Madrona - 18th March, at 12noon.
Cloenda del Tradicionàrius a Gràcia: Plaça d'Anna Frank - 23rd March, at 7:30pm.

Diada de Can Bandarra al Poble Sec: Carrer de Blesa - 8th April, at 12noon.
Diada de la Independència a Gràcia: Plaça de la Revolució de Setembre de 1868 - 8th April, at 12noon.
Diada de la Festa Major de la Sagrada Família: Carrer de la Marina - 15th April, at 12noon.
Diada de Can Jorba: Avinguda del Portal de l'Àngel - 15th April, at 12noon.

Vigília de l'Aniversari dels Castellers de Sants: Plaça d'Osca - 12th May, at 6pm.
Festa Major del Guinardó: Plaça de Salvador Riera - 13th May, at 12noon.
XXV Aniversari dels Castellers de Sants - 13th May, at 12noon.
Festa Major de Nou Barris: Plaça Major de Nou Barris - 20th May, at 12noon.
Festa Major del Bon Pastor: El Bon Pastor - 20th May, at 12noon.
XXI Aniversari dels Castellers de la Vila de Gràcia: Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia - 20th May, at 12noon.
Firentitats a Sants: Carrer de la Creu Coberta - 26th May, at 6pm.
Festa de la Primavera de la Barceloneta: Plaça de la Barceloneta - 27th May, at 12noon.

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