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Open air film festivalFilm, Summer evenings
06/30/2017 - 08/04/2017

With the arrival of the summer the people of Barcelona enjoy movies in an original and appealing way. The sessions of "Cinema a la fresca" (Outdoor movie) in the Castell de Montjuïc (Montjuïc's Castle) are already a classic of this city. They give people the opportunity to watch important and outstanding movies of the international movie scene from comfortable reclining chairs and to enjoy live music during the picnic prior to the showings. For five weeks, every Wednesday and Friday, the Sala Montjuïc offers a selection of movies in original version with subtitles. This year the selection includes titles such as, ...

30/6: La próxima piel - concert by Renaldo & Clara.
5/7: La La Land - concert by Wom Trio.
7/7: El renacido - concert by Rocio Seligrat Quartet.
12/7: Spotlight - concert by C'est Si Bon Band.
14/7: El apartamento - concert by Mathilde Toussaint Quartet.
19/7: Captain Fantastic - concert by Big Pocket Orchestra.
21/7: Los odiosos ocho - concert by de Virginia & The Woolfs.
26/7: Omar - concert by Yacine & The Oriental Groove.
28/7: El maquinista de la General - concert by la Formació de Cambra de la OSV.
31/7: Mustang - concert by Görkhan Sürer Quartet.
2/8: Manhattan - concert by Monique Makon & the Soul Tittoos's.
4/8: Surprise movie - concert by Urutaú.

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