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TemporalExhibitions and activities
03/09/2018 - 04/01/2018

Vacca, an artist with a long career working on the fringes of conceptual art who experiments with the repercussions of sound as an artistic medium, is presenting a new acoustic project at the Picasso Museum. Launched to celebrate the anniversary of the opening of the museum (on 9 March 1963), we have Temporal (Storm), a sound installation adapted to the space provided by the Finestres patio.
The installation consists of the simulation of an approaching storm evoked through various pieces of sound and broadcasting equipment distributed around the patio.
The concept plays with various interpretations of the word storm: from a meteorological phenomenon through to the kind of storm that art can generate, also taking into account the ephemeral qualities of this project in particular and sound art in general. At the same time, it touches on the fact that the Catalan word for storm (temporal) can also mean 'temporary' which is the adjective generally applied to artistic offerings and exhibitions put on by museums.

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