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María AntonietaTheatre and shows
03/06/2018 - 03/28/2018

An original text by the actress based on different sources (the biography written by Stefan Zweig, original letters between Marie Antoinette and her family, contemporary news pamphlets and proclamations, etc.) serves to trigger a powerful and unfettered character depiction in the experimental style of Jessica Walker's 'Laboratorio'.
The piece relates her tempestuous arrival at Versailles, her frustration at the coldness of her husband, her passionate affair with Count Von Fersen, her fall from grace - dragged down by a wave of popular uprising - and her trial and execution in 1793.
An acting 'tour de force' of risk-taking and honesty to create the multi-faceted aspects of her character: queen, lover, foreigner, spendthrift, mother, woman, misfit, adolescent, condemned.

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