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94th Jean BouinSports

Feel the asphalt beneath your feet and rate your daily performance, sense of achievement and personal goal of crossing the finishing line. Experience new emotions on one of Barcelona's greatest sporting and personal challenges. Hurry up and join in the competition!
With 93 competitions under its belt, Jean Bouin has earned the honour of becoming the most prestigious and historic athletics competition in Barcelona.
The event, which has had such an impact on the community and is so deeply rooted in the city's sporting culture, attracts all kinds of top-level runners every year, including 2,000 girls and boys in all the categories. In addition to this, the event also includes the Open which attracts over 11,000 participants and, year after year, makes the competition into a thrilling encounter and a resounding success in the world of athletics.
The Jean Bouin is organised by Mundo Deportivo, Spain's oldest sports newspaper. Mundo Deportivo belongs to the Grupo Godó, Catalonia's leading communications group.

Start: Av. Rius i Talet / Av. Maria Cristina (Parc de Montjuïc)

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