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The Gramophone Allstars Big Band Music pop, jazz, folk ..., Christmas Time

The Gramophone Allstars Big Band from Barcelona present a meeting point for soul, jazz and Jamaican rhythms. They started to form their personality with albums like 'Just delightin', 'Simbiosi' and 'Levitant a la deriva' and finally, 'Jazzmaica' expanding to form a great big band. This year, they are breaking through to the Caribbean rhythms of boogaloo and calypso with'Maraca soul'.

Genís Bou leads this project, in which some of the most outstanding and popular musicians of the new jazz scene of the country meet, such as Judit Neddermann, Lluc Casares, Vic Moliner and Adrià Plana.

A different, unique and vibrant Christmas concert at La Padrera, which will take from the most classic jazz to the dynamic, joyful and contagious fusion of Caribbean music.

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