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Estrella MorenteFlamenco, Festivals

She started her career when she was just 16, and not long after nobody referred to her as the daughter of the cantaor, Enrique Morente. In 1996, she recorded the totemic Omega with him and the flamenco dancer, Aurora Carbonell. In spite of her youth, Estrella Morente became one of the most outstanding figures of flamenco years ago, either by recording extraordinary albums like Mujeres (2006) and Amar en Paz (2014), participating in symphonic ventures like El amor brujo by Falla or setting her voice, a wonder of nature, to films by Pedro Almodóvar and Carlos Saura. At the International Jazz Festival, where she has never performed before, and through the passion of the festival De Cajón!, Estrella Morente presents a guaranteed performance of beauty, in which she will go through the decisive points of her albums, destined to be in the spotlight. Because on the path taken from Edith Piaf to Billie Holiday, the spirit of Estrella Morente is certain to be there.

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