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Happy BoomFamily activities, Theatre and shows
10/21/2017 - 01/07/2018

Lucas and Robert live surrounded by boxes of a toy factory. Lucas loves to jump and dance and Robert is passionate about music. They are very mischievous, inquisitive and lively and can't wait to find out the surprises that await them inside each box. They will become embroiled in a magical, unexpected adventure.

They will find a piano that can make amusing sounds and with this Robert will play some delightful melodies. This piano will be a great help to them on their adventure, as a beautiful but fragile "Puppet" appears, who is sad because she cannot dance.

Lucas with his dance and Robert with his music make one attempt after another to make the "Puppet" dance and laugh again. They will try everything they can with what they find on their path, but castanets and shoes were the key to success!!!

December 24th and January 5th there is no show.
December 31st special show.

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