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The Hole ZeroTheatre and shows
09/20/2017 - 02/2018

The Hole Zero, the new performance of "The Hole" saga, has been brought to Barcelona by the LETSGO production company, to reveal their origin

The show combines circus, cabaret, music and comedy in a very different way from previous performances. It leaves European and Spanish variety to one side and is inspired by the "disco" parties of the end of the seventies start of the eighties, along with a New Year's Eve party, the only celebration it shares worldwide and through all social levels.

A party in which everyone participates. In this show the purest style of "The Hole" is lived, with an unbeatable level of its numbers and the quality of artists. Music also becomes an essential element, with a touch of mischief and sexiness, an important wow factor and guaranteed enjoyment.

And, of course, with a background that is the central thread throughout the show, and which explains the origin of "The Hole". It is time to reveal how this hole we are entering opened in 2011.

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