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A morning of wine harvestFood and Wine
09/16/2017 - 09/24/2017

Enjoy a morning of wine harvest , in the unbeatable setting of our vineyards, and take an active part in this cultural, millennial and dynamic experience.

The activity consists of participating in the wine harvest and learning about the wine-making process from when grapes are picked to when you can enjoy a glass of wine. ‘A morning of wine harvest" also tests the senses of participants, inviting them to taste some of the wines that come from the vineyards which they themselves have harvested.

The activity includes a wine-harvest workshop, a Catalan breakfast (tomato bread with Catalan cold meats), a visit to the cellar and a guided wine-tasting session.

September 16 and 23 in Catalan
September 17 and 24 in Spanish

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