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Although he is Italian, Vinicio Capossela was born in Hannover, to parents originally from Irpinia in southern Italy. And despite being a singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist, as well known in his country as he is elsewhere, music is not the only string to the bow of an artist who is also a poet, a writer and, in some cases, an illusionist and a one-man show. It is no coincidence that The New York Times once considered him to be the most intelligent and eccentric musician in the whole of Italy.
He describes himself as a "phantasmagorical entertainer" who early on in his career worked in the theatre and who has also made forays into television. Literature (from Melville to Céline and from Dante to Homer) has been one of the major sources of inspiration of this virtually Renaissance artist with connections to the cinema and radio. A lover of roots music and traditional sounds, he dedicated a disc, Rebetiko Gymnastas, to this Greek musical style, and in 2013 he even produced and led a tour by the Banda della Posta, a group of elderly musicians from Irpinia playing wedding music.
Now he is dedicating his latest album, Canzoni della cupa, to the land of his parents. It is a double album comprising the discs Polvere and Ombra. While on the first one he immerses himself in the musical tradition of southern Italy and delves into a folkloric, rural, legendary and mythological world, on the second he takes part in a global folk experience in which he has worked with artists ranging from the legendary Calexico to Flaco Jiménez, as well as the Italian folklorist Giovanna Marini.

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