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The FallesPopular festivals, Family activities
06/17/2017 - 07/22/2017

The "Falles", declared intangible cultural heritage by Unesco since December 2015, is the summer solstice fire festival of the Pyrenees.
It starts in the first fortnight of June every year and ends in July.

The falles festival has been a deeply rooted tradition since ancient times. This tradition is a survival of the cult to purifying fire. This fire, lit on the mountain top, comes down to the village with the falles, and parades through the streets, to purify the evil spirits of each place of the village.

The falles are resinous logs measuring about two meters, which are prepared a few days before by the youth of each village. The descent starts from the highest point of the mountain, visible from the village, where a pine tree is planted, called the "beacon". This is where the falles are lit before descending down to the village, guided by the "Faldri major" or "cap de colla".
The flames give a touch of magic and enchantment to the surroundings. On reaching the village, the bells ring out, and there is cake and wine for all served in the square.

It' magic, the festival is here!
Dates and times

17th June; Durro and La Pobla de Segur
23rd June; Boí, Casos, El Pont de Suert, Vilaller, Isil, Alins, Arties and Les.
24th June; Senet
1st July; Barruera.
7th July: Erill la Vall
14th July; Taüll
22nd July; Llesp

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