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The ForgottenFood and Wine
05/18/2017 - 06/29/2017

The Barcelona Maritime Museum is holding a series of suppers dedicated to fish, to show the culinary value of little-known fish. Each supper will feature a species of fish caught on our coast, but which is not often found in markets. This is for a variety of reasons: the fish may have a lot of bones, we don't know how to cook it, etc. Recipes have been recovered from the seafood cuisine of fishermen, who know the culinary value of these species, which we don't usually eat.

The species that can be sampled are the forkbeard (an unknown type of hake, the batoidea and the blackmouth catshark), along with sampling of canana (a type of prawn), squid and white shrimp. The menu will be accompanied by a presentation of the selected fish and a basket of local, fresh fish will be raffled, courtesy of La Platjeta.

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