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Santiago Rusiñol. Jardins d'Espanya (Gardens of Spain)Exhibitions and activities
04/23/2017 - 07/09/2017

In 1903 Santiago Rusiñol created the album Jardins d'Espanya (Gardens of Spain), a collection of 40 prints of his own paintings, personally selected one by one and including, in the 1914 edition, poems by writers such as J. Alcover, A. Mestres, J. Maragall, M. Machado, R. Pérez de Ayala and Juan R. Jiménez among others.

The exhibition 'Santiago Rusiñol. Jardins d'Espanya', showing at the Museum of Modernism from 23 March until 9 July, brings together a significant number of the gardens from the album and is the first time an exhibition has been dedicated solely to this artistic project by the painter. There are 41 oil paintings of gardens on display of which 13 were originally included in the album. Many of them are in large format as well as two of the only three posters that Rusiñol ever produced. Some of these paintings have not been exhibited for over a century and will be on public view for the first time this spring.

Jardins d'Espanya are the gardens that represent the soul of the artist and are his most personal and aesthetic creations, summarizing an entire life dedicated to art and beauty. They reflect the intimacies and feelings of the human spirit and offer an insight into the travel-loving character of Rusiñol: the different places he visited, the colors he fell in love with, his choice of the content and nature of his compositions and the symbolism of the elements that appear as a constant in his paintings.

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