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TR3S FlamencoMusic pop, jazz, folk, flamenco..., Theatre and shows
04/21/2017 - 04/23/2017

The Fernández Montoya brothers, Juan Manuel (Farruquito), Antonio (Farru) and Manuel (El Carpeta), are uniting on stage to pay tribute to their grandfather, Farruco. The three brothers belong to a great family of "bailaors" (flamenco dancers), but each has developed his own style and personality on stage, interpreting the emotion of flamenco. Siguiriya, burlerías, taranto, tangos, farruca, caña and soleá are some of the styles represented by these magnificent dancers, accompanied by 9 musicians.
The stage will become a dance studio, with mirrors, chairs and all the required accessories. They will use elements such hats, sticks, spurs and many more that form their way of feeling.

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