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Goran BregovicMusic pop, jazz, folk, flamenco...

Goran Bregovic is tantamount to hens scampering about the yard, rickety cars, colorful caravans and tales full of drama and at the same time, comedy. This is because the movie world of Emir Kusturica are images of Balkan root music, which mixes Gypsy charanga with traditional Bulgarian polyphonies. A perfect duo which speaks of reconciliation, and makes you want to dance and dream. Born of a Serbian mother and Croatian father, Bregovic has made the mysterious music of the Balkans heard throughout the world. He is now performing within the Festival del Mil·lenni, where we shall find a Gypsy brass band , traditional Bulgarian polyphonies, percussion, electrical guitar, strings, choirs and Kathak song. Undoubtedly, another definition of "contemporary music".

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