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Pedrera ArtlabMusic pop, jazz, folk, flamenco..., Exhibitions and activities
03/09/2017 - 03/31/2017

A Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation programme linking new groups from the independent music scene with young creative talents, secondary schools and leading art colleges.
Each session in this concert cycle is the result of connecting music and different artistic disciplines, emerging from a process involving research, innovation and creativity. The idea of this programme is to promote young creative people and develop their talent, creativity and versatility. We want to be a platform for creative youngsters to make themselves heard, supporting approaches that stimulate creative talent. 
PedreraArtlab is a laboratory for new artistic experiences committed to interdisciplinary relationships as a driving force for creativity and presenting the resulting work at La Pedrera in a unique, outstanding concert cycle.

9 at 8pm, Enric Montefusco & Alberto Gamazo
16 at 8pm, Germà Aire & Blanca Viñas amb Manuel Moranta
23 at 8pm, Nuu & IDEP
26 at 11am and 12pm, Llum, llum! with CliCme & Ivan Lorenzana (family)
31 at 8pm, CyBee & Cinema en curs

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