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Drassanes i galeresExhibitions and activities
03/30/2017 - 12/31/2017

From the month of March, the first phase of the new museography can be seen, dedicated to Les Drassanes and the world of galleys. A tour over almost 1,500 m2 of maritime culture invites you to discover the history of Les Drassanes building. 
Thanks to archaeological research and the study of the building in recent years, we can now find out more about architectural development and its use over the years. We shall also learn about the logistics and working areas of craftsmen, who intervened in each stage of naval construction of the important shipyard. We can discover what life was like on board one of these impressive warships and try to row an enormous oar, like the ones used to propel galleys. Some of the historical episodes will also be explained about armed conflicts in the Mediterranean, in which these galleys were involved. All types of holograms, audiovisuals, , audiovisuals, diorama, , stage designs and interactive elements will contribute to the experience of life at Les Drassanes and maritime Barcelona. There will also be a raised platform to view the deck of the replica of John of Austria's Royal Gallery, in all its magnitude.

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