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Jassans, Imagined GreeceExhibitions and activities
02/16/2017 - 03/2017

After its passage through the Museum of Montserrat, during the months of February and March MEAM presents the most complete exhibition that have ever been made of Josep Salvadó Jassans` works.
Ten years after his death, Jassans turns up as a key figure in new representational of Catalan sculpture. Disciple of one of the greatest  Catalan sculptors, Joan Rebull, who was also very important for his dedication to the transmission of the classical spirit to the new generations.
With an own use of Mediterranean sculpture concept, essential to understand the female figure, Jassans declares a veneration for Greek art that does not aspire to be its copy; his vision of Greece is always alive in the forms of nature and,more precisely, in the forms of the human body. That is why his works aspire to a timeless, eternal and classic space, and are part of “la Grecia Imaginada”.

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