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Sacred Animals of Ancient EgyptExhibitions and activities
02/2017 - 03/2018

Through objects that form part of the collection of the Barcelona Egyptian Museum, we can learn about many aspects of the relationship established by the ancient Egyptians with species of the animal world of their immediate environment. Apart from their use as an economic resource, pet or hunting prey, animals are present in a number of cultural expressions of Pharaonic Egypt. However, animals took on the central role in the religious field, more than in any other ancient civilization. For various reasons, the majority of species known by the Egyptians, were associated with a specific divinity. Mammals, insects, birds, fish or reptiles were used as models in the design of divine images, either their whole body or part of it. They were even mummified, for their remains to be used as a physical support to the immortal soul of their gods. Certainly one of the most attractive and new parts of the exhibition, is the presentation of results obtained from tomographies made on six animal mummies preserved in the Egyptian Museum

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