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Patum BergaMain events 2017, Popular festivals
06/14/2017 - 06/18/2017

Experience one of Catalonia's longest-running cultural traditions, an annual event that in 2008 UNESCO declared to be part of its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage: the Patum of the north Catalan town of Berga. The festivities, which date back to medieval times, take place during the week of Corpus Christi and originated as part of the Catholic Church's efforts to educate congregations about the lessons contained in the holy scriptures; in the face of general illiteracy, theatrical representations of the fight between good and evil were employed, and over time, these gradually became more elaborate and the focus of the celebrations. A patum is defined as a figure that represents a fantastical creature and appears in processions and traditional festivities, although it's also the sound ('pa-tum') made by the drums that play a key role in the numerous parades involved. Today's Patum is an amazing sight, with various celebrations taking place that feature fireworks, live music, acrobatics and a multitude of characters including eagles, dwarves and giants, angels and demons, and many locals in historical outfits.

"They invited me along to enjoy this traditional Catalan festival. This celebration, with its fireworks, live music, acrobatics and locals dressed in period costume, is one of Catalonia's most ancient cultural traditions."

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