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Loop FestivalMain events 2017, Film
05/18/2017 - 05/27/2017

Created in 2003, Loop is a platform that focuses on the possibilities and challenges presented by video art, one of the key artistic movements of modern times. Each year, Loop hosts professionals (including curators, collectors and gallery-owners) and the public for a gathering where they can discover the latest technological and other developments in the moving image sector as well as the work of new and established creatives who use video as their main tool. Loop Festival runs for some two weeks and includes screenings, exhibitions, concerts, talks and other live events at numerous venues around the city (highlighting the flexible character of the format). Running concurrently is Loop Fair, a shorter but just as intense event that features work selected by an international committee of specialised collectors, and looks for new ways to present art considering the rapidly changing ways that audiences have of experiencing moving images nowadays.

"Exhibitions, concerts, talks and film screenings explore the potential and challenges of video art. I loved seeing professionals and new talents use the moving image in such an innovative and cutting-edge way."

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