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Sant Jordi (Saint George in English) is a popular man. The patron saint of numerous countries, he is also venerated by agricultural workers, sufferers of skin diseases and the Scouts. In addition, he is the patron of Catalonia and his feast day on April 23 is one of the most popular on the calendar, with its combination of romance and literature. Tradition dictates that men gift a rose to their lover while women buy a book for their partner. It's a glorious day when the city streets are filled with book and flower stalls, and couples stroll around enjoying the special atmosphere.

Sant Jordi can also be enjoyed in Barcelona. Barcelona bakers have joined the festival by making Sant Jordi bread, an essential specialty to try on the day. A soft, tasty bread, which combines parmesan cheese, "sobrassada" and walnut paste. Four red bands are displayed on a yellow background to represent the shield of Catalonia.

And to highlight the literary festival, in December 2015, UNESCO named Barcelona among the latest intake for its City of Literature programme. Get into the spirit of the day by taking a literary tour, do not miss the new BCN Film Fest festival and enjoy the Barcelona Poetry Festival.

"One of the most popular festivals! The streets are filled with flowers and books to honour this Catalan tradition when people give their loved ones books and roses."

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