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Picasso. PortraitsMain events 2017, Exhibitions and activities
03/17/2017 - 06/25/2017

Arriving from a four-month run at London's National Portrait Gallery, where it was variously described by critics as 'must-see', 'lively and engrossing' and a celebration 'of his general greatness', this exhibition focuses on the Spanish artist's portrait work, one of the foundations of his career throughout his life but that went through constant change and evolution. It includes more than 80 artworks where the protagonists are Picasso's family, friends and lovers (while past explorations of his portraits tended to focus on women, this one features a good number of male as well as female subjects), and covers the numerous stages his creativity went through and the varied approaches he took to portraiture, such as realism, classical style and caricature. The show also explores Picasso's rejection of standard Western ideas of portrait, his reaction to the expanding art of photography, and how he was influenced, both as subject matter and technique, by the Old Masters.

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