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  • Pablo Picasso, La Crucifixion, 1932. Paris, Musée Picasso.

Picasso and Romanesque ArtMain events 2017, Exhibitions and activities
11/17/2016 - 02/26/2017

Barcelona's special relationship with Pablo Picasso is highlighted once more in this exhibition at the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC) that explores a specific area of the artist's work. Looking at the period between 1906 (when Picasso visited the town of Gósol in the Catalan Pyrenees) and 1934 (the year the Spanish artist first saw the MNAC's Romanesque collection), the show delves into three themes found both in Picasso's work and the Romanesque art that is such a key part of Catalan history. The first is the piece 'Virgin from Gósol', which Picasso saw during his visit to the town and is now part of the MNAC collection; the second is the Crucifixion, often found in traditional Romanesque art and Picasso's creations from the 1930s; and the third is skulls. Ultimately, the objective of this show, organised with the Picasso Museum in Paris and including some 40 works, is not so much to seek out influences or a standard relationship but rather to identify 'possible affinities'.

"I already knew that Picasso had a special relationship with Barcelona but I discovered the influences of medieval art on some of his works at this exhibition at the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya."

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