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Sant Jordi - "Casa de les Punxes"Exhibitions and activities
2016 - 2017

Discover this unique house, its designer and the legend that brings them together.
A "large Gothic castle" standing in the middle of Barcelona's Avinguda Diagonal catches the eye of any visitor to the city. The "Casa de les Punxes" (House of Spikes) is really a residential block built in the shape of medieval castle which is one of the most recognisable modernista landmarks on the Barcelona skyline.
A unique opportunity to delve into a fantastical world of knights, princesses and dragons. You'll also be able to visit the rooftop and enjoy amazing views of the city!.

Sant Jordi is a very special day for all Catalans, particularly for the Casa de les Punxes. This is because part of the ornamental facade is devoted to Saint Jordi, patron saint of Catalonia and an important symbol of inspiration for many architects of the modernist age, like Josep Puig i Cadafalch. This is the reason why there are so many activities held and promotions available at the Casa de les Punxes:

  • Discounts of 30% both for guided tours and audioguides. The guided tours will be based on the theme of Saint Jordi, and the origins of the legend. You will be given the option of visiting the viewing platform of the largest spike, located on the fourth floor, which has a privileged 360º view of the city.
  • The traditional book stand will be located at the entrance to the house.
  • To complete the day in a particularly special way, we would like to invite you to have dinner on the rooftop terrace of the Casa de les Punxes. This is an enchanting setting which will take you back to tales around the medieval.inspired towers.
All Jordis and Georginas will have free entry to the house.

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