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Sala TarantosMusic pop, jazz, folk, flamenco...
2016 - 2017

Los Tarantos has been hosting the best flamenco in Barcelona since 1963. Through all these years and into the present day, the 'tablao' has featured the top names in flamenco. Barcelona welcomed hundreds of thousands of immigrants from southern Spain in the Sixties, becoming the epicenter of an evolution from the Andalusian genre thanks to the superlative quality of the performances and a certain leaning towards heterodoxy, which led to the emergence of phenomena such as the Catalan rumba and the proliferation of the 'new flamenco'. Every night, the Los Tarantos program showcases a selection of top quality artists and stage shows. In these more than 50 years it has played host to such great names as Antonio Gades, Manzanita, Rafael Cañizares, Duquenque, Miguel Poveda and Niña Pastori. Without question, if you want to enjoy the very best in emerging flamenco in Spain, Los Tarantos is the place to go.

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