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  • Santa comida, 1984-1989. Col·lecció MACBA. Dipòsit de la Generalitat de Catalunya. © Rafael Vargas

Antoni Miralda. Madeinusa
10/21/2016 - 04/09/2017

Antoni Miralda (Terrassa, Spain, 1942) has turned something as universal as food into a creative universe. Miralda pioneered a type of artistic practice that centred on the collective rituals that celebrate the ceremonial act of eating by using colour and its symbolism.
In 1972 Miralda moved to New York where he initiated a series of participative projects based on the fusion of cultures and their popular manifestations. 
Miralda has developed a method based on participation and on the ritual and ceremony related to gastronomy. Employing a non-conformist language, baroque and full of humour, that celebrates the senses and brings art close to life; he undertakes an ethnological exploration of human behaviour in his work. 

The exhibition brings together all the projects of the artist linked to the United States. In close collaboration with the artist and his archive, it will document for the first time and in a comprehensive manner the fourteen projects made by Miralda in the United States from the mid-seventies to the late nineties. The most significant installations will be reconstructed showing sculptures, drawings, photographs, visual recordings, sketches and other material. This will highlight the complexity of his projects and the collective nature of the artist’s methodology. 

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