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21. Mestre Pell
Rda. Universitat, 33 | 933 176 474 | See map See map
22. MundyPiel
Via Laietana, 67 | 933 185 629 | See map See map
23. Peletería Bosch
Travessera de Gràcia, 45 | 932 014 550 | See map See map
24. Peletería Solsona   Shopping Line
Rbla. de Catalunya, 14 | 933 181 645 | See map See map More information More information
Peletería Solsona Peletería Solsona Peletería Solsona
Items: Suede, nappa and furs
Opening time: 10am-8pm. Sat.: 12pm-8pm
Address: Rbla. de Catalunya, 14
Town: 08007 Barcelona
Phone: 933 181 645
Fax: 933 181 258
e-Mail: solsona@deinfo.es
Suede, nappa and double-faced leather. Stocks a wide range of classic and contemporary fine leathers and high-quality furs. Conceived to offer the maximum elegance, this furrier's collections are based on creativity, functionality and, above all, the use of excellent furs. Quality, design and crafted manufacturing processes ensure unequalled customer satisfaction.
25. Peleteria Yasmina
Rda. Gral. Mitre, 105 | 934 186 978 | See map See map
26. Pelleteria La Sibèria
Ganduxer, 44 | 932 006 360
27. Pelleteria La Sibèria   Shopping Line
Rbla. de Catalunya, 15 | 933 170 583 | See map See map More information More information
Pelleteria La Sibèria Pelleteria La Sibèria Pelleteria La Sibèria
Items: Suede, nappa and furs
Opening time: 10am-2pm / 4.30pm-8pm. From March to September: 10am-1.30pm / 4.30pm-8pm. Saturday closed
Address: Rbla. de Catalunya, 15
Town: 08007 Barcelona
Phone: 933 170 583
Fax: 933 177 543
e-Mail: info@pelleterialasiberia.com
Web site: www.pelleterialasiberia.com
Founded in 1891. Excellent service, top quality and design. Prêt-à-porter and bespoke designs. High-quality furs, suede, nappa and double-faced leather. Raincoats, reversible coats and accessories. Services: updating and transformation of all types of fur garments. Storage and cleaning. This establishment maintains in perfect condition the vintage "Noucentista" decoration of its shop in the centre of Barcelona and also has a warm comfortable location at Carrer Ganduxer 44. The current proprietors, of the founding family's fourth generation, have inherited a passion for design and fashion, a spirit of innovation and a refined taste combined with a great sense of responsibility for offering a product that is impeccable in every way. Indeed, after one whole century, these features continue to characterize the way of doing things at Pelleteria La Sibèria.
28. Roldie
Abat Odó, 62 Bajos | 933 465 059 | See map See map
29. Zari
Muntaner, 336 | 932 091 096 | See map See map